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Tractor Trailer Accidents

Greenville, South Carolina, Truck Crash Attorneys

Thorough Investigation and Aggressive Pursuit of Damages

There are many issues to resolve in the aftermath of a tractor-trailer accident - issues too complex and too important to handle on your own. You can put your trust in the experienced personal injury lawyers of Kathryn Williams, P.A., to pursue full compensation and obtain justice while you are healing or grieving.

Our tenacious work ethic and genuine concern for the well-being of our clients pays off. We build a thorough case for settlement or trial. For a free investigation, contact our Greenville, South Carolina, office today.

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Thorough Investigation of Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Veteran trial lawyer Kathryn Williams has secured numerous jury awards and settlements in trucking accident cases. We know what to look for in investigating the collision that injured or killed your family member:

  • Evidence at the scene — We send investigators and accident reconstructionists to the scene to measure skid marks, photograph the vehicles, interview witnesses, and analyze the debris field.
  • The "black box" — Most tractor-trailers (and many passenger cars) carry an on-board data recorder that yields important evidence about the speed at impact and distance traveled before the crash. We will recover this data when available to help prove our case.
  • Driver's logs — Federal regulations mandate a specific period of rest between driving stints. We match the logs against other evidence to determine if the trucker was likely fatigued, speeding, or illegally doctoring the books.

We also examine maintenance logs to see if brakes or tires were overly worn. We inspect the truck for evidence that the freight was overloaded, imbalanced, or improperly secured. Was heavy traffic a factor? Bad weather? A road hazard? Evidence of drinking or drug use? A history of traffic accidents by the driver?

The interstate highways in Upstate South Carolina are where most tractor-trailer accidents regularly occur: I-26, I-185 and I-385 beltways, and I-85, sometimes called the "Corridor of Death" between Greenville and Spartanburg where rear-end collisions and lane change tractor-trailer accidents are commonplace.

Commercial haulers are normally heavily insured, but causation issues can cloud who should pay. The cab and trailer may be owned by different companies. One-fourth of all truck accidents involve three or more vehicles. Another auto driver's negligence may cause or contribute to the crash. We will conduct a through investigation to determine who is responsible and identify all insurance coverages to obtain the best settlement for our clients.

Hardworking Lawyers for Hardworking People

We put our knowledge and experience behind your case because we know that the devastating injuries in truck accidents result in huge medical bills, future medical care, and sometimes long-term or permanent loss of income. Call our Greenville office at 1-888-377-1537 to find out why many former clients refer their friends and family to us. We offer a free initial consultation, and we do not get paid unless we obtain a negotiated settlement or jury verdict for you.

Hard working lawyers helping hard working people
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