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Occupational Disease

Work Injury or Illness That Develops Over Time

Experience in Workers' Comp Occupational Disease Claims

Most people think of Workers' Compensation in relation to an accident or specific incident. However, workers are legally protected for work-related injury or illness that develops gradually from workplace hazards common to a specific occupation or industry.

If you can no longer work because of an occupational disease, you likely will need an attorney experienced in this complex area of the law. Attorney Kathryn Williams is a tireless advocate and recognized authority with 24 years of experience in workplace injuries. Her Greenville, South Carolina, law firm, Kathryn Williams, P.A., can help you get qualified for your rightful Workers' Compensation benefits.

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Occupational Disease

Before the textile mills closed or relocated out of South Carolina, work-related disease claims were more prevalent. However, many industry-specific workplace dangers exist, and we have helped many employees recover permanent disability benefits. Occupational disease claims fall into two categories:

Toxic Exposures

Long-term exposures to certain chemicals or toxins in the workplace can lead to occupational lung disease, cancer, or other serious and debilitating illness. Inhalation of asbestos by construction workers, miners, and other industrial workers is linked to asbestosis (chronic and severe shortness of breath) and mesothelioma (lung cancer). Byssinosis (brown lung disease) is another common work-related lung ailment, linked to breathing cotton fibers in textile plants.

Workers in other industrial settings may develop asthma, brain damage, nerve damage, organ damage, malignant tumors, or other permanent effects of repeated on-the-job exposure to benzene, solvents, preservatives, and other chemicals routinely used at the worksite. Contact our lawyers to find out if you have a viable claim .

Repetitive Strain Injury (Cumulative Trauma Disorder)

The muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the body can wear out from repeated motions. The resulting injuries from repetitive tasks are not visible, but they can be excruciating and disabling. Carpal tunnel syndrome is often associated with data entry workers, and it is just one type of repetitive stress injury. Also common is painful inflammation or incapacitating tissue tears in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hands of textile workers, poultry and meatpacking workers, factory assembly workers, and other occupations. These cases are harder to prove because of the difficulty of gauging "soft tissue" damage and the problem of proving that it is work-related. Nonetheless, lawyers Kathryn Williams and Don Kamb have prevailed on behalf of many clients who turned to us for help.

South Carolina Workers' Compensation law treats occupational disease as an "injury by accident," providing the same disability benefits (or death benefits) as a claim arising from a single workplace incident. To ensure that you get the full measure of compensation to which you are entitled, contact Kathryn Williams, P.A., today to arrange a free case evaluation. We can discuss your case in our relaxed and inviting office in downtown Greenville, or we can come to you. Call 1-888-377-1537.

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